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Automobile Industry

The term automobile was used first in 1890 when inventors for the first time made the use of horseless carriage for the transportation of the people. The automobile market was led for decades by United States, and they were the frontrunners in the industry. In South Africa the automobile industry is one of the pillars of support for its economy employing directly over 30,000 people in manufacturing and more than 70,000 in component manufacturing. South Africa is a global leader in turbo charged engines and many of the automobile manufacturing giants like BMW, Mercedes, Ford (Including Mazda) have setup manufacturing plants here. Even the leaders in automobile component industry Arvin Exhaust, Bloxwitch, Corning and many more are also present in South Africa. Automobile Industry is generally the term for car manufacturers and car spares manufacturers as they hold major share in this industry.

Car manufacturers have been the spearhead of the economy in South Africa. The major car names that were produced here and took the world by storm are BMW 3 Series, VW Golf, Toyota Corolla, VW Polo, Toyota Hilux Vigos, VW Jetta and VW Polo Vivo. Besides being an exporter of manufactured cars, it is also a hub for its components.

Everyone has to drive or use some sort of mode of transportation. Automobile cars are that important to us nowadays, that it is a necessity. Whether it is a company car or a personal one, we drive it and thus we need to have a basic understanding about them. So let’s discuss what makes that stylish sedan, feminine hatchback or muscular SUV run.

Components and Spares

Well the component of a car can be classified in four sections.

  • Exterior or Body Work:

    This section includes your exterior that people see for design and colour before purchasing the vehicle. It includes the hood, sunroof, mirrors etc. Exterior is the first thing people see so it is the first impression of the car. No matter if your car is a giant in technical specifications but if it doesn’t look good it is not suitable for you. Different types and colours suit different segment of people according to their budget.

  • Interiors:

    It is the section that decides whether a car is luxury or an economy class. The better price you pay the better interiors you will get. Interiors in car range from vinyl to leather depending upon the segment of car you purchase. Seat covers, head rests, dashboard, etc. You can see the difference in the interiors and its luxury effect when you drive a BMW 3 series and compare it to VW Polo, both are good cars but the interiors define the touch and feel of a truly expensive vehicle.

  • Electronics:

    All the cars nowadays are hybrids. The era of mechanical cars is over. All cars include electronics for them to function properly and provide a good user response. They include your GPS devices, digital speedometers, cd players, automatic headlamps, etc. Even the ignition locks are embedded with advanced electronics. You can only use your own key to open the car so advanced are the embedded system.

  • Powertrain and Chassis:

    No matter how much the cars may have changed but the basis of the functioning remains the same. The powertrain includes your engine, gears, steering and the basic mechanical components that are required to make a mobile an automobile. It’s still the same piston and crank that work and the wear and tear is the same as it was 3 decades ago. You still need to maintain the keep this section oiled and greased for smooth performance.

Repairs and Maintenance:

Driving and Repairs go side by side. If you don't maintain your vehicle well it may ditch you in the time of need. Although basic services are regularly performed by the car companies in their service packages and they take care of the major parts of the powertrain and electronics under warranty but what about a scratch or a dent that neighbour's kid left on your car. This small scratches and dents will ruin the perfect look of your vehicle and may hinder your self-esteem. You now require a in budget paint job so your car feels again like new. This work is done by spray painting and body repair shops in your local town and the best way to find is ezyfind.co.za.

Those small nicks and scuffs cannot be painted by you. Many people think they can match the colour with a spray paint. Many newbies buy a spray can and just paint the area of the scruff, but you won’t get a good result unless you are willing to spray the entire car in the same spray paint. If you need results the touch ups need to be done by a professional as they can inject the exact same colour in the spray can and can also take care of the rust and oxidization. So if you need to have the same look of the new car get in touch with ezyfind.za and let them take the headache of finding you the quote from all the local dealers.

Same as the paintjob or body work, out of warranty cars require repairs too. People are unable to find good mechanics especially when it comes to the repairs concerning powertrains and engine work. Many technicians mess up the repairs concerning them ultimately leading to a poor performance of the car. Finding an expert in this section is most hard if you have just skipped town. Getting a perfect mechanic and workshop for your car in a new town may have been a problem in the past, but today it’s just a click away. Register with ezyfind.co.za now.

Whether it’s a minor scratch, major engine work or an accident case ezyfind takes care of it all just a phone call or click away. Today in the age of smartphones and internet ezyfind is your best buddy to take of your car repair needs.

How Ezyfind Works:

We work for you to get you the best quote possible. All you need is to register with us and send us the picture of the area of concern along with description of the service you require. Once we have your end of the details we forward it to every workshop in the area you reside in and give you the quotes from all the workshops in that area. You can then decide who to visit according to your budget and preference. Easy isn’t it that’s why its ezyfind and its free.