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How to jack up a car?

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How to jack up a car ?

How to jack up a car?

  • Different types of floor jacks.

    This is an old-fashioned scissor jack. It comes with a handle to wind the arms apart, which in turn lifts the car up. Position it under the jacking point and wind it clockwise until the car is lifted off the ground. To lower it back down, it is simply a case of winding the handle anti-clockwise. Always use a tyre stop when jacking up a motor vehicle. Some cars come with the tyre stop, if you don’t have one you can use a brick.

  • The trolley jack is a safer, more stable and a quicker option. The wheels on the jack assist with easy positioning, but before you do, start by making sure this little lever is turned to the right, which you can do using the end of the handle. Then it is simply a case of inserting the handle and pumping it until this cradle reaches the jacking point. To lower it back down, take the handle out and twist the little lever anti clockwise, taking care to do so steadily to lower the car slowly.

  • The bottle jack works in much the same way as a trolley jack, using hydraulic force to lift the car up. It is smaller and easier to store than a trolley jack, but this means it isn’t quite as stable. Again, make sure the lever is set to the right, then unscrew the top of the jack to the correct length – the instructions should tell you how far you need to extend it. Position it under the jacking point, insert the handle and pump until the car is raised. Lower it again in the same way as the trolley jack. Finally, and most important point, you should never only rely on a jack alone while working underneath a car, you should always use axle stands to support it. The jack in your boot is only for emergencies

  • Most cars today don’t come with jacks as they have run flats.